spring pedals

Now that Spring is here and it’s supposed to be close to 80 degrees this weekend – it’s time to tune-up our bikes. Now that we’re living out in the suburbs we hope to log many miles this year while the weather is nice.  We’ve also been checking out some cruisers, like this one, that we think is pretty amazing.  We could also have our friend, Brian Patterson, hook us up with a restored  tandem (if he’s willing).  Check out some of his work (above) – we’d be up for a cruise to the beach on one of his masterpieces any day of the week…


fire drill

This is your fire safety director…saying always make sure to have a fire extinguisher in your home or apartment and know where it is in case of emergency…with that said, we would almost…almost…hang one of these on the wall, they’re so cool – that way it would be easy to grab incase of catastrophe.  But, if we do ever get one of them to replace traditional “red,” we hope that it would only serve as something nice to look at…

dream vs reality

Because of the way our couch is situated in the room, we felt we needed a console table to put behind it to help with the feng shui.

We did our research, looking for a piece that fit in with the rest of the room and found this, which we loved, but couldn’t afford.  So, off to Home Depot we went again for more pipe, some pine and some stain (all for $40).  It actually turned out better than we thought it would and will due until we have enough pennies for the real thing…

a lot to Digest

We explored the Architectural Digest Home Design Show over the weekend at Pier 94 in the city.  Like most shows of this size and kind, it was really directed at trade and not the personal consumer.  There were some interesting booths, though – and it was mainly the artists from Brooklyn and smaller towns in places like Virginia whose avant garde style stood out in a sea of sameness (coming soon to a Hilton near you).  Nothing against The Man, but we did find some inspiration from the less traditional types.

Check out some of the highlights that caught our eye:

We also thought these exhibits were pretty cool:



bottled up

Ever need a gift for a friend or co-worker’s cocktail party or get-together yet you’re at a loss for what to bring, so you fall back on the trusty bottle of wine?  It’s always good to receive free bottles of booze, but sometimes it just piles up and is hard to find places to store it.  So why not make your next gift a surprise.

It looks like a bottle of wine, but when opened, a well-crafted umbrella is revealed.  Everyone can always use an extra umbrella, right? (we constantly lose ours)…

out on a limb

Last weekend’s storm wreaked havoc on the trees all over the tri-state area.  Our backyard is littered with giant limbs, branches and all sorts of bark and debris.  Doing something like this might make the clean-up a little more fun…

drop your drawers

We’re kinda on a dresser kick right now (see yesterdays post) as everything that catches our eyes are in the chest of drawers world.   That must explain why we think this is so cool.  Anyone have any older drawers (no, not old dirty pants, smartasses) that you need to get rid of?  We’re taking donations so we can make something this cool.